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For the issue of gender & sexuality, MADE HERE explores the challenges that women face working in the art world, how gender and sexuality are portrayed on stage, and how they inform an artist’s work. The artists in these episodes share their struggles and personal stories of navigating gender and sexuality while creating art.

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Women in The Arts

Sexuality in The Performing Arts

Artistic and Sexual Identity


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episode 3: Identity

Many art communities have embraced gay culture and openly incorporated it into their work. However, a lot of mainstream art on TV and in film has still not fully accepted gay culture and gay performers. How does sexuality truly impact a performer’s work? Does sexuality define an artist?

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More Often These Days, the Director Is a She

An article about the rise of female directors in the London theater scene.

Top 11 Most-Produced Playwrights of 2012-13 Season

A look at the most produced playwright from the past few seasons and how many female playwrights have been included on the list each year.

Gender Parity

An article about gender parity in theater and how it influences hiring and casting.

The Power List: Why Women Aren’t Equals in New Music Leadership and Innovation

An in-depth analysis that gives reasons why women are not equal to men in the music industry.

A Lot to Put on a Girl: Playmaking in Pseudo-Post-Feminist American

An article by performing artist Rachel Grossman about female artists struggling to work in a field dominated by male leaders.

Wobbling on the Political Lines (in 6 inch heels): Creating Feminist Theater With Girls

“A case study of a troupe of women who entered a theater process seemingly sharing ideals and political values under a banner of ‘feminism.’”

Sexism in dance: where are all the female choreographers?

An article about the struggle that female dancers face when trying to make the transition into choreographers.

Even The Score: Female Composers Edge Forward

A New Yorker article about the female composer, focusing on Rebecca Saunders, and how they are slowly gaining ground on male composers.

Push for Parity

An article about taking political action for gender parity.

'Gender Politics In The Arts' Panel Was An Incredibly Frustrating Conversation

A Huffington Post article about a recent panel in New York City entitled “62 Years Later: Gender Politics in the Arts” and how female artists responded to it.

All Too Often I Am Forced to Choose: A Conversation with Playwright Lydia Diamond

An interview with Lydia Diamond focusing on how gender influences her writing.

We Are Not a Mirror

A look at women’s role in American theater today, both acting and writing, and how women are portrayed on stage.

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The League of Professional Theatre Women is a not-for-profit organization that supports women in professional theatre, while also seeking to promote visibility and increase opportunities for them through a variety of programs, honors and events.

Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

The mission of the LLM is to “locate, rescue, and preserve works of gay art that are endangered because of societal sexual prejudice.”

New York Women in Film and Television

Nonprofit, professional membership organization for women working in the film and television industries in New York.

International Alliance of Women in Music

A global network of women and men working to increase and enhance musical activities and opportunities and to promote all aspects of the music of women.

The National Association of Women Artists

The National Association of Women Artists promotes women artists of all backgrounds and traditions through exhibitions, programs, and its historic archive. The organization emphasizes visual arts by women, promoting culture and education through exhibitions of members' works, as well as through lectures, art demonstrations, scholarships, awards and other educational programs.

The Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center hosts events throughout the year that provide advice, advocacy events and arts and community programs.


WomenArts works to empower an international community of women artists and allies by sharing news about inspiring arts projects and opportunities, and by facilitating the annual world-wide Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) celebrations.

Guerilla Girls on Tour!

An acclaimed anonymous touring theatre troupe whose performances examine the state of women in the arts today.

New Georges Theater Production Company

Founded in 1992, New Georges is an Obie Award-winning nonprofit theatre company in New York City, created by female actors to rectify the lack of roles for women.

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The Encyclopedia of Women of Theatre

A constantly-expanding reference database of women who have contributed to the world of theatre prior to 1900.

Gender Discrimination in the Performing Arts

A slide show that explores and gives examples of both male and female gender discrimination in the performing arts.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts

Located in Washington, D.C., The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of female artists.

WomenArts – Grants For Individual Theatre Artists

WomenArts offers a wealth of information, links, comprehensive articles, a vast resource of network listings, and grants list, just for starters. It's an invaluable resource for any women in the theatre or performing arts, and was assembled by and for female artists.

NYU’s Downtown Collection

A research collection at New York University that is preserving the archives of Dennis Cooper, David Wojnarowicz, Tim Dlugos, David Trinidad, and others involved in the Queer scene of the last 25 years. Available for public use.

Report on the Status of Women: A Limited Engagement?

A three-year research initiative assessing the status of women in theatre.

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Women in The Arts

Do you feel that women are fairly represented in artistic leadership positions in the performing arts? How or how not?

  • jjb said:

    Women don’t seem to be fairly represented in artistic leadership positions, though they exist. Just because they exist (examples like Diane Paulus, Anne Bogart, Emily Mann, Elizabeth Streb, Young Jean Lee) I think women have a false security that it’s a better deal than it actually is. If you look at the stats, the awards, pay scale, opportunities, the pendulum always seems to swing in the direction of male counterparts. And for women of color, I would make the leap that it’s an even tougher road.

    09/18 - 04:48 AM

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    04/09 - 09:10 AM

  • Savan said:

    I always love the mninequan drawings. They are so full of energy and movement. I find it so amazing how a static image can portray movement so well, but animation which doesn’t consider it properly (or live actors in fact) can look stiff and unreal. All my sketches are looking dead at the moment, because I’m concentrating so much on getting the anatomy proportionally correct. It will nice to bring them back to life again.

    10/16 - 02:38 AM

  • Kaio said:

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